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Savor the incredible Experience of an Alfresco Reception at the Quinta

​Are you struggling to find the ideal wedding reception idea for your big day? Of course choosing a wedding venue is the single most important idea you will make and the pressure is thus understandable. Portugal is a natural choice for an idyllic wedding destination due to perfect weather, great cuisine, amazing heritage and architecture, rich culture and so much more. All these are best exemplified at The Quinta, a historic wedding venue located 50 kilometers form Lisbon airport.

The Quinta Wedding Location Well, if you want to host an unforgettable wedding reception, it is time to explore our Alfresco reception at The Quinta package. The Quinta is one of the most outstanding wedding venues in the country and this becomes apparent the moment you step onto the grounds. To say that the historical estate is magnificent is actually an understatement. The sight is simply mindboggling and the knowledge that this will be the venue of your special day is overwhelming. Well, Alfresco weddings have many advantages over indoor ceremonies but this is only if you choose the right venue. This is why an Alfresco reception at The Quinta makes a lot of sense but there is still more. This setting is exquisite and has many advantages of other outdoor wedding venues. Take a look:

1. Breathtaking Sea Views The view of the ocean is always romantic and it is thus perfect to have your nuptials with this as your background. At the Quinta you have the perfect scenery and an opportunity for amazing photos. The lovely views of the Atlantic Ocean at The Quinta will add a dash of elegance to your wedding and make it even more glamorous.

2. Large Outdoor Space One of the biggest problems wedding planners have to contend with is the limited space available at most wedding venues. Luckily, this is not a problem at The Quinta. You have the expansive grounds all to yourself and this allows you to host an amazing reception.

3. Professional and Highly Affordable Wedding Package You don’t have to do worry about pulling off the dream wedding because our professionals at Lisbon Wedding Planner will bring your Alfresco wedding to life. From the paperwork to the catering, every aspect of your special day will be catered to.

4. Unhindered Creativity The gorgeous outdoor venue provides you with more ideas and your imagination can run wild. Our planners have a vast knowledge and experience in planning and organizing Alfresco receptions at this venue, and they will help you from beginning to the end. There are no limitations to what you can do with the space available. This is the perfect venue to bring your dream wedding to life. An Alfresco reception at The Quinta is less expensive, more practical, and more fun and also gives you a more romantic setting to your vintage wedding in Portugal.

After all this outstanding examples of The Quinta outdoor wedding receptions we are positive that you took some ideas for your wedding destination in Portugal. So please do share with us your wedding ideas or if you want to get some more details about this amazing get in touch with us and we will promptly help you!

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