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Estufa Fria Wedding Venue Portugal

Estufa Fria wedding venue is an events venue in Portugal, this unique city venue is a cold garden situated in the heart of Lisbon. Located in one of the biggest gardens of the city and right in the city centre close to the airport. Dating back from the 40s, this space was built on a hold area of basalt extraction. Which was stopped at that time due to a natural water source being found. A cold garden was built on top of this hold extraction site, where exotic plants from all over the world were planted and developed due to a handmade structure which allowed to naturally create the temperature and humidity necessary to plant proliferation.


In the gardens waterfalls and lakes flow among the space creating a magical and natural environment. In a later stage more areas, gardens and large lakes where added to this space with different species, making it a unique space perfect for nature lovers. To this space was added a large reinforced concrete saloon where events usually take place. The saloon profits from a high ceiling with ten arches and a green structure built with greenery, tall glass windows facing directly the cold gardens and private access to the interior of the gardens.


The venue can easily accommodate more than 1000 guests and can be closed to the public, allowing you to fully enjoy your event with privacy and glamour. Being a multi purpose venue you can host your wedding ceremony in the vibrant and exotic gardens or your wedding cocktail. Indoors the space can easily be split into different areas allowing you to have your wedding reception, wedding disco wedding cake moment with plenty of space. This events venue in Portugal benefits from having a professional catering company - Casa do Marques. Feel free to contact us and to ask questions or book this stunning wedding venue in Portugal.

A Cold Garden wedding venue in the middle of the heart of Lisbon

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