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One of the most desirable oceanfront wedding venue

Rated as one of the most desirable oceanfront wedding venue and event venues in Portugal, Arriba by the sea truly lives up to its title as the crown jewel of the Lisbon coast. This is arguably the mother of all beachfront wedding locations and it is loved and adored by all and sundry. Packed with lots of fascinating and amazing features, you will surely be thrilled at the excitement of hosting your dream oceanfront wedding here. It is a magnificent event center located in the sunny
village of Cascais, next to the Guincho Beach in Lisbon Portugal. Arriba by the sea is endowed with stunning surroundings comprising of pristine white beach sands, breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean and roaring waves that will absolutely melt your heart. You can also take in the cool sea breeze and enjoy the soothing warmth of the sun from every angle of the building.

Every minute spent here promises to be an enchanting spectacle that will draw you into a nostalgic state, leaving an indelible heartwarming mark on your memory. This  is the perfect oceanfront wedding venue that caters to weddings of all types. Whatever your background, nationality or religion, you can easily infuse its values and traditions right into your wedding ceremony. Our professional event planners are always happy to accommodate your every need. Our expertisentranscends across all borders, from conservative western weddings to elaborate Indian weddings, we have every possible detail that you can think of in place to ensure that your wedding turns out exactly as you’ve envisioned.

We recognize and understand every couple’s need of making their wedding celebration to reflect as much of their personalities as possible. For this reason, we have assembled in stock several ideas that would match your vision perfectly, including hundreds of décor styles and designs, menu options and customized order of events that you can draw inspiration from. When it comes to having fun at Arriba by the sea oceanfront wedding venue and event center, the possibilities are literally endless. One prominent feature of the building that creates unforgettable fun memories for couples and guests alike is the oceanfront wedding disco. You’re sure to have explosive fun with your family and friends on the dance floor till the sun comes up.


The oceanfront wedding disco is located in the lounge area next to the big, tastefully decorated 410 square meters panoramic ballroom at the upper level of the event center. It features great music, an open bar, a seating area for relaxing, a balcony where you can enjoy fantastic views of the Atlantic Ocean, and an amazing wooden ceiling with interior décor that can be customized to any decoration of your taste. Arriba by the sea oceanfront wedding disco is also one of the several venues within the complex that can be used to host your wedding celebration. Catering is available for as little as 50 to as many as 400 guests. It is a great location for partying with an in-house DJ that will keep your guests entertained and dancing till their feet get sore.

Wedding Disco Arriba by the Sea in Portugal
Pool Party Arriba by the Sea in Portugal


Indoor Long Room Disco


Pool Wedding Disco

Wedding Disco Arryba by the Sea in Portgal
Indor Disco Arriba by the Sea in Portugal
Portugal Wedding Arriba By The Sea || Harpreet & James || ~  Lisbon Wedding Planner

Portugal Wedding Arriba By The Sea || Harpreet & James || ~ Lisbon Wedding Planner

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