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Gremio Event Venue in Portugal

Gremio events venue is a historical vintage palace in the heart of Lisbon wedding destination. This vintage events' venue was first inaugurated in the nineteen century where literature and artistic events would take place. Two of the main figures of the romantic literature were at centre of the foundation of this venue in Portugal. The Gremio Palace events' venue which is composed of the palace, the gardens and the integrated heritage are proposed to be classified as Monument of Public Interest. Back in the days the Gremio Palace was a very famous palace and events venue because it would promote interaction and intellectual activity through courses, conferences, meetings, international correspondence, recitals, among others. In this palace venue you will experience a sense of nostalgia due to is architecture, decoration design and romantic gardens.


The romantic gardens are kept in the privacy of the building. They are composed of a circular central square where the floor is covered with the famous Portuguese side walk which allows you to compose your outdoor wedding reception and alsoyour wedding cocktail. Also in the main area of the backyard garden an old fountain rises on a white stone altar, the perfect place for an intimate w edding ceremony in Lisbon. The Gremio palace has also for your wedding destination in Portugal several indoor floors decorated with a classical and vintage charming design and spirit, where you can host the different moments of your wedding. In this wedding venue you will always be surrounded by the nostalgic feeling of glorious days of artistic gatherings and literature. If you are looking for a charming palace close to the ma in city attractions while keeping your wedding or event a private and intimate affair, thisevents venue in Lisbon is the perfect space. Feel free to contact us to know how we can help you organize your wedding in the Gremio Palace in Portugal.

An historique Palace wedding venue in the middle of Lisbon

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