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Sea View Wedding Ceremony

The magnificently constructed Arriba by the Sea is a world-class multipurpose event center that is located in the sunny village of Cascais, adjacent to the Guincho Beach. Originally an ancient historical building, Arriba has been completely remodeled to provide its guests with the best wedding venue in Portugal. It basically consists of two different levels – the lower level and upper level, both offering direct access to the beach. There are multiple venue combinations that can be arranged for your weddings and events at Arriba by the Sea multipurpose event center. You can as well select specific venues from the several options available within the complex. Just contact us and we’ll fix you up with the best-themed wedding that will match your exact style and budget. Some of the various venue options available in Arriba by the Sea multipurpose event center can be classified into the following:

Beach Wedding ceremony in Portugal

Option 2

Balcony Sea View Ceremony

The lower level, also known as the pool area, or pool level, is an open space with large swimming pool located on the outside of the building, conveniently overlooking the ocean. Here you will also find the large Balcony with a privileged Sea View. It is a great site for hosting any type of wedding ceremony, here you can decorate with the help of your wedding planner the wedding ceremony structure with veils and flowers or just keep it plain. Chairs and a carpet can be assembled according to your desires.

In this balcony you will always be offered to have your wedding ceremony facin the Atlantic Ocean, the coast cliffs and the beautiful Arribas beach.

Arriba by the sea in Portugal

Option 1

Beach Wedding Ceremony

If you choose to do your wedding on the beach, you and your guests are sure to be thrilled by the unforgettable setting this amazing venue provides. The venue’s coastal abode projects a quiet and natural ambiance over the ceremony which your family and friends will enjoy.


The sunset views from the shores across the expanse of the ocean is absolutely breathtaking and will definitely make amazing background images of your pictures. Provisions have been made to ensure that you get the best quality service for your beach wedding ceremony.


After the beach wedding ceremony in Arriba by the Sea, a lovely canopy will be offered to enhance the setting or at the beachfront facing the sea, Arriba by the Sea multipurpose event center will be there to make your wedding a dream come true for you and your spouse.

Arriba by the sea view Ceremony Portugal

Option 3

Top Balcony Sea View Ceremony

In Arriba by the Sea, a wedding ceremony facing the Atlantic Ocean is a dream come true. Being located on the coast, this amazing venue offers you a natural and quiet ambience that you can enjoy with your family and friends. Going for a late wedding ceremony, means that you will have a speechless sunset, on any situation chosen. The background of your pictures will be amazing! If you chose to do your wedding ceremony on the Top balcony. Here your guests will have direct access from the private park. The decoration of this large balcony will be coordinated with your wedding planner. A structure or a canopy can be assembled, along with chairs and a carpet, as said before veils and flowers can be added according to your vision and budget.

Destination Wedding in Portugal - ||Aifric & Conor|| ~ by Lisbon Wedding Planner

Destination Wedding in Portugal - ||Aifric & Conor|| ~ by Lisbon Wedding Planner

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