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Large Wedding Villa with accommodation The Quinta - My Vintage Wedding Portugal

Sintra, where The Quinta – My Vintage Wedding Portugal is located, is a simply striking location for your rustic destination wedding with mountain vistas, dramatic sunsets, ancient architecture and endless turquoise waters. Sintra is only 30 minutes ride from Lisbon, easily accessible and has all luxury facilities that you could need and want for your vintage wedding in Portugal. As soon as you arrive at this villa, you’ll enter into a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere and feel at home instantly. The property and gardens are beautifully maintained and the environment is perfect for a vintage wedding.

Vintage, rustic, shabby chic yet modern and elegant, The Quinta – My Vintage Wedding Portugal offers a luxurious all-in- one wedding venue, including ceremony, cocktail, reception and accommodation. This ancient villa is perfect for large group of family and friends who wish to celebrate their wedding together and also enjoy their own spaces.

The Lisbon Wedding Planner professional team at The Quinta – My Vintage Wedding Portugal work diligently to ensure that your wedding day dream becomes a reality. With a proactive and detail-oriented approach, we listen carefully to your concepts and plans for the magical day, then coordinate and prepare everything for you just the way you want it. At Lisbon Wedding Planner, we offer bespoke large wedding packages, arrange your large wedding ceremony, large reception, design wonderful menus prepared with fresh Portuguese culture ingredients and fine wines, and arrange for your accommodation.

This property has a huge enchanted chapel if you wish to have a civil wedding that can accommodate a large group of people. You can also hold your wedding ceremony in one of their gardens with a building with voiles.

​After your wedding ceremony you can head on to either their pool garden or the green corridor for a cocktail party and reception. If you choose indoors for cocktail and reception, the dining hall and the Fireplace rooms are large enough to accommodate all your guests from 20 to 150 guests.

One element that sets this rustic, vintage, Boho chic country house apart from the others is that you and your guests will have ample of accommodation with a capacity of 20 sleeping guests. The main house has 6 bedrooms whereas the guest house has 3 bedrooms. Each bedroom is fitted with several vintage and rustic objects, with private washrooms.

If you’re looking for a large wedding venue with accommodation in Portugal, The Quinta – My Vintage Wedding Portugal is the perfect place for you. With Lisbon Wedding Planner as your wedding coordinators, the memories of your wedding day will last forever.


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