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Wedding Reception with Oceanview

Ever had the dream of exchanging your wedding vows on a beach, directly facing the ocean on a bright sunny morning with all your friends and family members present? Sounds like a scene out of a romantic movie, right? Well, that is exactly the kind of picture Arriba by the Sea aims to portray. It is a place where all of your oceanfront wedding fantasies come to life in the exact way and manner you envisioned. We bring you the best oceanfront wedding reception you can ever think of right in the heart of the beautiful city of Cascais, Lisbon Portugal. Everything about this wonderful event centre speaks splendour and elegance. It has a perfect location advantage which offers a natural and peaceful ambience that your family and guests will enjoy. If you would like to go for a late wedding, Arriba by the sea oceanfront wedding reception guarantees a breathtaking sunset at any given time of the year.
The oceanfront venue makes a great location for holding photo-shoot sessions.


The background of your pictures will be absolutely amazing! Whatever your choice of wedding theme is, whether the conventional private western wedding reception or the elaborate Indian celebrations, Arriba by the sea oceanfront wedding reception is sure to take your celebration to the next level. Portugal has the most favourable weather conditions in all of Europe. Couples and their guests can take advantage of its versatility and go for walks along the pristine beach sands. They can as well take in the warm sea breeze and enjoy the magnificent views of the Atlantic Ocean from the banks of the sea during the summer and spring seasons. Arriba by the sea oceanfront wedding reception is totally accommodating to visitors all year round. It doesn’t matter whether your wedding falls during the autumn or winter seasons, you can still enjoy the fresh sea breeze and the breathtaking views of the ocean from the large glass window of the indoor ballroom.

Arriba by the sea long saloon in Portugal
Arriba by the sea saloon with sea view in Portugal


Saloon Ball with Sea View

The saloon ball is the main events room in Arriba by the Sea, this space is located in the top of the cliff with direct access from the parking area and a privileged view due to be facing the Ocean. This saloon can accommodate your large wedding destination in Portugal, and was also recently renovated with the aim of updating its features and to make it a clean event space to easily embrace any type of wedding decoration. Being such a large space for smaller weddings you can easily take full advantage and have your wedding reception and your wedding disco in the same area.

To help you plan and coordinate this wedding plane you can always count with the help of our wedding planners. Whom are experienced and so can help you take full advantage of this space.


 Long Saloon with Sea View

The long saloon room was recently renovated with a modern decoration with white walls and white ceiling,  floor to ceiling glass windows so you can have a full view of the ocean and while taking advantage of the natural Portugal lightning. With a clean sand modern pace this saloon can easily embrace and accommodate any type of wedding decoration. The long windows accompany the entire length of the room, allowing you to glimpse all the natural falesia, beach and the beautiful Atlantic Ocean.

The windows can be opened to create a even wider space and so you wont even notice that you are in a saloon but you will have the felling of being outdoors. With direct access to the pool floor you and your wedding guests can easily change places and enjoy the sea breeze while drinking a fresh cocktail by the sea.

Beach wedding saloon in Portugal
Saloon Ball Arriba by the sea in Portugal

Wedding Reception Decoration & Design

Another major point of note that makes Arriba by the sea oceanfront wedding reception a choice venue is that it offers multipurpose adaptability. There are no standard decorations in place. Couples can decide with pinpoint accuracy how they want their wedding reception to be. You will be able to customize to your taste the flowers, drapes, lighting, tables, chairs, whatever it is you want to decide. Basically, every aspect of the wedding reception, including both the indoor and outdoor décor can be exquisitely furnished according to your uniquely desired style and colour scheme. You are guaranteed to find your choice of décor, whatever you have in mind and whatever theme it may be, right here in Lisbon, Portugal.

Our in-house event planners and interior decorators are more than willing to work with you to provide the best possible wedding reception at the most affordable cost. You can be assured of no difficulty whatsoever in the planning of your wedding as our planners are properly oriented to cater to both clients from home and abroad. If you can dream it, we can create it at the Arriba by the sea oceanfront wedding reception. The possibilities are virtually endless. It would also interest you to know that no wedding has ever been the exact same as another hosted here. Each wedding comes with its own distinct features that project the
personality, background, and religion of our clients. At Arriba by the sea oceanfront wedding reception, it is always our pleasure to see couples faces beaming with smiles for bringing to reality the ideal oceanfront wedding reception they have always dreamed of. There’s certainly no better place to host your oceanfront wedding reception than at Arriba by the sea.

Wedding in Portugal - Arriba By The Sea ||Sean & Sharon || ~ by Lisbon Wedding planner

Wedding in Portugal - Arriba By The Sea ||Sean & Sharon || ~ by Lisbon Wedding planner

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