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Wedding Cocktail with a Sea View

When it comes to hosting classy and elaborate oceanfront weddings, Arriba by the Sea remains the number one venue and event center that consistently sets the pace. Couples from various backgrounds and different parts of the world who have hosted their wedding celebration here can attest to its blissful, romantic and picturesque ambiance. The magnificent Arriba by the sea wedding venue is located along the beautiful coast of Cascais, 30 minutes from the Lisbon city center, next to the Guincho Beach in Portugal. It is a masterpiece multipurpose event center with two levels – the upper level and the lower level, both of which offer direct access to the beach.


The entire land area of this beautiful multipurpose event center is over 4000m2 in size. Couples and their guests can enjoy amazing views of the Atlantic Ocean from different vantage points around the building complex. There is a large panoramic ballroom with excellent views of the ocean and a large pool area with a saltwater swimming pool. The weather at Arriba by the sea is always on point. It is neither too cold nor too hot for couples to host their dream wedding in this beautiful event center, regardless of whether they choose to do it indoor or outdoor. Even during the winter season, the temperature here is just right for you and your guests. If you are ever planning an oceanfront wedding with all the beachside specs in place, Arriba by the sea is the perfect venue for you. The area has some really fantastic features that make it a favorite for many couples and guests alike.


It has great views of the ocean, stunning surroundings, amazing food with high standard and quality service. One of the most noteworthy features of this fabulous event center, however, is its mouthwatering wedding cocktails. Arriba by the Sea’s wedding cocktails are a true wonder and always the talk of the event. They are prepared by the renowned Casa do Marques, a professional catering company with over two decades of serving international and local cocktails and meals. There are several cocktail options available for your guests to choose from and custom menu options that will make every guest in attendance leave the venue beaming with smiles and feeling sufficiently satisfied.


There are basically two wonderfully designed venues for hosting great cocktail parties at the multipurpose event center. Both locations – one indoor and the other outdoor, are naturally filled with luxurious splendor but can be customized to your own unique preference. The indoor cocktail room has a maximum seating capacity of 600 guests and is located at the upper terrace, while the lower level pool area can be dedicated to hosting a variety of events including a large outdoor cocktail party. The lower level area is also perfect for enjoying outdoor meals with your guests such as the traditional Portuguese barbecue or the local cocktail. Guests can easily access the oceanfront wedding ceremony and the cocktails through the lower level area without entering the ballroom.

Pool wedding ceremony in Portugal


Balcony Sea View Ceremony

This balcony is also part of the large Pool area, but as it is located in a lower level, closer to the beach and as it offers a more intimate area you can choose to have here your small wedding cocktail. From here you can still have access to the main pool area and then when its time for the wedding reception you and your wedding guests just have to go to the upper level to find the large ball room in where you will have a privileged ocean view.

Our team of wedding planners will take care of all the wedding cocktail decoration and sound system for the atmosphere. If your wedding requires large areas to accommodate all the wedding guests, Arriba by the Sea can easily accommodate large wedding destinations.


Pool Wedding Cocktail

In Arriba by the Sea, you can have an outstanding wedding cocktail in a large terrace overlooking the beach and  the cliffs, while having an elegant cocktail decoration and with ambience music by the pool. Here, your guests can relax and watch the amazing sunset while enjoying the cocktails at the end of the day. The wedding cocktail will be catered by Casa do Marques, offering the best cocktails, soft drinks and offer sweet and savory canapes.

On this same floor, you can also find a door that leads out to the beach. You and your guests can take evening walks along the beach while enjoying the cocktails and shooting picture perfect wedding photos.

Pool wedding with sea view
Arriba by the sea event with swimming pool
Arriba by the sea top balcony in Portugal


Top Balcony Sea View Ceremony

In this large venue you will still be offered with a third possibility which is to have your wedding cocktail in the top balcony, were your guests can easily have access trough the parking. This balcony offers an outstanding top view to the beach and seashore. Once more, here you will be offered with cocktail lounge decoration, atmosphere music and of course the catering service. From this balcony and when its time you and your guests can easily have access to the large ball room in where you will be served your wedding reception dinner.

The atmosphere in Arriba by the sea is always lit and it provides the perfect getaway for hanging out with friends and family after the wedding to celebrate and have a memorable time. So basically you have the pool wedding cocktail which you can extend out to the beach with privacy and in just one minute.

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