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Portugal Wedding Menu

Valid for a minimum of 80 Adult Guests

Welcome Cocktail


Sparkling wine, Dry Porto, Gin, Vodka, Caipiroska, Mojito, Orange Juice, Mineral Water

Our selection of Natural Juices: Pineapple with Lime, Meloa Canteloup with Mint, Strawberries with Raspberry



Mini Caprese Skewers, Mini Courgette with dry Fruits Skewers, Endives with Curd Cheese and Coriander, Crab Pate with Toasts, Portuguese Sausage Paté with Regional Bread, Shrimp with Soy sauce, Scallops with Mango Coulis, Guinea Fowl Satay, Veal Truffles with Poppy Seeds, Scrambled Eggs with Portuguese Sausage and Green Asparagus or Similar

Wedding Meal


Flat bread, bread, butter or olive oil and balsamic vinegar

First Course: (Choose ONE of the follow list)

  1. Degustation of Soups

  2. Shellfish and Saffron Soup

  3. Codfish Crepes au Gratin with Shrimp Sauce, Green Salad with Mango Vinagrette

  4. Puff Pastry Filed with Chèvre, Nuts and Honey and Green Salad with Mango Vinagrette

  5. Toasted Chèvre (Goat Cheese) with Pear and Grilled Vegetable

  6. Puff Pastry Filed with Codfish, and Spinach with Green Salad with Mango Vinagrette

  7. Mushroom Rissotto or Aspargus Rissotto

  8. Monkfish with Sautéed Clams and Prawns on Bed of Vegetables

Second Course: (Choose ONE of the follow list)

  1. Beef Sirloin with Spicy or Mustard Sauce, Roasted Potatoes, Vegetables

  2. Iberian Black Pork with Bread Stew with Green Asparagus from Alentejo, Asparagus Souce

  3. Rump Cooked at Low Temperature with Wine Sauce, Cherry Tomatoes Sauteed and Wild Rice

  4. Chicken Baloutine with Roasted Potatoes, Mixed Vegetables

  5. Roast Leg Lamb, Mint Sauce, Crispy Sweet Potato and Vegetable Bundle

  6. Spinach Crepes with Vegetables or Green Salad

Dessert served at the table: (Choose ONE of the follow list)

  1. Red Fruits Soup with Lemon Ice Cream

  2. Mango Ice Cream with Hot Chocolate

  3. Petit Gateau with Almond Ice Cream

  4. Emulsion of Black Chocolate and Passion Fruit

White and Red Wine, Soft Drinks and Mineral Water

Coffee and Mignardises

Open Bar (4 hours) with:

Liquors, Gin, Vodka, Rum, Tequilla,, Whiskey, Brandy, Cairipinhas, Caipiroskas, Mojitos, Wines, Beer,

Soft drinks and Mineral Water. Expresso Inclunded.


Wedding Cake

Flavour: chocolate or red velvet or nuts or plain

Filling: chocolate or red fruits or butter cream

Cover: marzipan or butter cream or Naked Cake

10kl for 90 Guests + 120grs per extra guest

Sparkling wine

Cheese Table:

Serra, Serpa, Ilha, Nisa, Brie, Camembert, etc... With Bread, Toasts, Grapes, Jams and Nuts.

Desserts and Fruits Table: 


Eggs Bundles

Dark Chocolate Cake

Apple Crumble with Cinnamon


Mini Portugueses Custard Cream Cakes

Fruit Tartlet

Cold Tea Cake

Godets with:

Crème brûlée

Hazelnut Mousse with Two Chocolates

Mango with Tarragon Syrup

Mango Bowl with Chocolate Fondue

Red Fruits Bowl

Sliced Tropical Fruits


Children Menu

Vegetables soup

Nuggets or Grilled Chicken Breast with Sliced Tomato and Fries

Ice cream

Juices and Waters

From 0 to 2 years: OFFER

From 3 to 10 years: HALF PRICE, if more than 90 guests

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